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Toy Drive Raffle Draw

Toy Drive Raffle Draw


Toy Drive Raffle Draw:

At Gundam Hobby, one of our missions is to give back to the community.

Today, we are starting a fundraising event for children who are less fortunate.  Toy Drive Raffle ticket will be sold at $5/each until Monday, Dec. 19, 2022.  We will announce the winners of the draw on Dec. 20, 2022.

Prizes we will be raffling:

RX-78 Gundam Retractable Umbrella x 4
100cm x 60cm RX-78-2 wall hanging banner x 3
Char Aznable’s keychain lanyard x 4
E.F.S.F keychain lanyard x 4
A Pair of Coaster (RX-78 & Char's Zaku Design) x 6
Gaming Mouse Pad (80 x 30cm x 3mm) x 6
P-Bandai HG Light Liner x 2
P-Bandai MG Expansion Parts Set x 2
P Bandai HG RX-78-2 Gundam Rollout Color
P-Bandai HG Zaku Desert Type (Double Antenna Type)
P-Bandai HG Ground Heavy Equipment Unit Expansion Parts for Gundam Geminass 02
P-Bandai HG RX-78-5 Gundam G05
P-Bandai HG XM-X0 Crossbone Gundam X-0 Full Cloth x 3
$5 off coupon for your next purchase of $50 or more x 10

If we reach our GOAL of $2500 donation we will add the following items to the draw:

MG Crossbone Gundam X2 (P-Bandai)
MG Crossbone Gundam X3 (P-Bandai)
MG Gundam F90 Unit 2 (P-Bandai)
MG Exia Repair III (P-Bandai)
MG Testament Gundam (P-Bandai)

If we reach $3500 in donation, following items will also be added to the draw:

MG Lightning Strike Gundam Ver. RM (P-Bandai)
MG Blaze Zaku Phantom (P-Bandai)
MG Qubeley Embellir (P-Bandai)
RG RX-93 Nu Gundam (Clear Colour) Limited Package (Gundam Expo)
HG RX-78-3 G-3 Gundam (Beyond Global) (Gundam Expo)
SDEX Standard Nu Gundam vs Sazabi Set (Clear Colour) (Gundam Expo)
SD Cross-Silhouette Crossbone Gundam X1 (Clear Colour) (Gundam Expo)
SD Cross-Silhouette Zeta Gundam (Clear Colour) (Gundam Expo)
SD Cross-Silhouette Ms-06S Zaku II (Clear Colour) (Gundam Expo)
SD Cross-Silhouette Wing Gundam Zero EW (Clear Colour) (Gundam Expo)

All money raised will be used to purchase toys for local toy bank.  The more tickets we sell, the more prizes will be added to the draw.  Your involvement makes a difference and will make some less fortunate kids receive a wonderful gift during the holiday season. 

Winners can pick up their prize at Ninja Bubble Tea Coquitlam or have the option to have it shipped to them for $15 flat rate shipping. You can also choose to ship the prize along with your next order.

How to Enter:
Simply make a purchase of the raffle tickets.  Once the raffle ticket has been purchased, we will email you your ticket number(s).

How will the Raffle Draw Works:
There will be two containers for the draw, one will contain yellow raffle tickets and the other with blue prize tickets.  Yellow tickets will have your order no. and name on it, while blue tickets will have the prizes listed.

A yellow raffle ticket will be drawn first.  This will reveal an order number and name of the contestant.  We will then make a draw of a blue prize ticket from the prize container.  The contestant will win the corresponding prize shown on the blue prize ticket.

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